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ANNIE Shanya Srithanyarat

Annie is keen on mindfulness and awareness practice. After years of practicing meditation and overcoming challenges, she now applies mindfulness and awareness to her lifestyle. Annie discovered how it changed her energy, way of thinking, and eventually her environment and being. And that’s how she feels truly content, connected, and happy.

About ANNIEmalista

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in mindfulness leadership, life purpose, and communication.


I work with individuals to help them find their life purpose, overcome their life challenges and stress, and help them stay on the course toward their goals with mindfulness and cognitive coaching techniques. My main objective is to help people find and live life with Ikigai.

I am a certified professional coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation, a Master NLP Practitioner certified by the American Board of NLP, an Expert Facilitator of Points-Of-You, and a graduate in counseling psychology.

With 20 years of experience in marketing, branding, and communication for multinational organizations like L’Oreal and Shiseido, I have found mindfulness coaching very useful in reducing stress, promoting a better connection between colleagues, inducing more creativity, and a higher rate of happiness at work.

My former 2-years of working experience as a flight attendant at Emirate Airlines in Dubai with other crews of 47 nationalities helped me understand the cultural difference and how to thrive in a mixed culture organization.

Coaching & Facilitating Style

My style is humble but direct and thought-provoking to help you see outside the box. I will encourage you to expand your views and see from other people’s perspectives to create understanding and empathy that lead to better relationships.

My cognitive and mindfulness approaches aim to help you see beyond your self-portrayed minds and self-restriction and work through your defenses to arrive at your intuition and what matters to you.

The cognitive and mindfulness approaches will help you connect with your being, feeling, and values. The realization will help you thrive better in every dimension with less resistance. It improves both your professional and personal relationships as well.

Coach Style In 3 Words

Empathy, Encompass and Empower

Last book read

Dark Side Of The Light Chaser by Debbie Ford

My Most Grateful For:

I am most grateful for finding my life purpose and values. I can live my being and help others live theirs through cognitive and mindfulness coaching.

Proudest moment

I feel proudest when I see the result of my effort. A gradual change or a total transformation in myself and my clients inspires me to continue on my path as a coach. And the proudest moment is when my clients arrive at their goals.

Brand Strategist | Personal Brand Consultant | Omni-channel Marketing Consultant | Mindfulness Leadership & Ikigai Coach | Holistic Therapist | Facilitator | Author

At A Glace

🌻 Marketing & Brand Strategist: 25 years of experience in branding & marketing management as Marketing Director | Brand Director for multinational corporations in Thailand and overseas.

🌷 Author: Winner of Jamsai Award: Literature Contest | Screenplay writer for a TV series for Kid on Thai PBS channel | Winner of the Best Novel Award from Pantip’s Writer Webboard | Finalist Chommanard Book Prize in Novel.

🍀 Speaker: A Keynote Speaker at the ASEAN Omni-Channel Retail Innovation Summit 2020 on “Big Data and the Digital Retail Transformation.”

💐 ICF Coach: Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential by the International Coach Federation since June 2022

🌹 Master NLP: Certified by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Program since May 2019

🌼 Points Of You Expert Facilitator, certified Expert Facilitator by Points Of You International, Israel.

🌸 Energy Healer: Silva Ultramind Practitioner | Reiki Practitioner | Awakening & Beautiful State Meditation Technique | Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, using organic and sacred essential oil by Young Living, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Ayurvedic Diet: How to Promote 4 Elements in Human Body with Food & Herbs

🌺 Mindfulness & Awareness Meditation following the teaching of Gotama, the Buddha founded on 4 body & mind bases: body, sensation, mind, and dhamma.

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