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Take a Journey into Your Mind

Let’s perform inner research on ourselves. First, see what patterns we have lived by and used when taking any steps in life. Then, explore the ways to clear the negative patterns and reinvent a positive one to transform us from mediocre to greatness or our full potential. So we can live our dream, our Ikigai, and serve our purpose and the meaning of life.

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Live Workshop via Zoom: Let’s talk to our 8 years old selves

Is there any area in life you feel stuck? Maybe we’ve been looking at things from the same old perspective. Expanding our views can be done in different ways. However, this time, I would like to invite you to talk to your young self, your 8 years old self. Allow yourself to see things from this little guy’s perspective. Let’s travel back through time to the day when we were naive, brave, spontaneous, positive, and fun. Then, we can learn something from this little guy. The little guy doesn’t let any condition become the problem. And they can see the possibilities and fun in any event in life. (A 2 days of 3 hours group coaching)

Live Workshop via Zoom: Redesign Your Life

How have you felt about the changes around you lately? Do you think it is too hard to take? Well, changes are inevitable. So expect the unexpected would be the only advice. However, are we going to complain, or are we going to learn, adapt, and grow?
Redesigning Your Life Through Change workshop encourages you to view things from a new perspective. It helps you work your plan from the current situation and design it into different possibilities.
Don’t let the pandemic be your doom. Instead, let make it the bloom to our new beginning, the silver lining of change to something better.

Live Workshop via Zoom: Reignite the Relationship with Yourself

Have you felt a little lost somehow dealing with different people, different situations, other life chapters that sometimes left you with some impression, some happy or some bad memory, some emotion, some scars? Does that experience get you out of who you are? Does it take you away from the person you would like to be? Away from your best self? Come to join us in the process of re-igniting your passion. Reconnect with your soul and liberate yourself to become who you are.

(A 3 hours group healing)

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Why ANNIEmalista?

We all have the types of people we feel connected. You can choose anyone you feel connected with or trust. It is up to you. However, if you are looking for someone who speaks openly and is willing to listen, is always ready to improve her listening, and has enough life experience, knowledge, and wisdom to share, you might come to the right place.

  • Honest
  • Creative
  • Resourceful
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Empowering

Rating: 5 out of 5.


The session was mind-blowing. It was smooth and simple but it was like shaking me up. And I had my Aha. I had some valuable findings.

Mariko Takeishi

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“So Inspiring”

The session was so well-organized. The process was so well-designed. It provoked and encouraged us to really search inside ourselves.

Rob Fernandez

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Total breakthrough”

I had a breakthrough I didn’t expect at one of Annie’s workshops. She was so powerful, steady, persistent, calm, and encouraging.

Katrina Huang

Articles & New Events

Not to Fall off the Train of Knowledge

What Is Your First Memory?

How does your first memory influence you as a person? What is your first memory, and how does it affect your present? Talking about memory, do you know how much effect it has on you? It is more important than we realize how important our first memory is. Some memory is not at the cognitive…

Assertiveness VS Consideration

Assertiveness VS Consideration I don’t know whether this is a challenge for anyone but me. There’s a fine line between being assertive and being inconsiderate of others. That’s probably why some people have trouble asserting themselves, especially to people important to them. Well, I have hands-on experience with assertiveness VS consideration to share. Today I…

How are you brave?

Brevity & How are you brave? Talking about brevity, all the stories about brave heroes and heroines in history just flashed into my head. Although those historical events exhibited various types of heroic courage, most people recognized only the courage to fight the fear of external threats. Brevity to Fight the External or Internal Threats?…

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