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My Big Why

I have a dream. I didn’t know I could pursue it. I lived my life not knowing I didn’t take control of it.

Then, one day, I realized I wanted it differently. So I tried and I failed so many times. However, I didn’t give up as I made sure every time I failed forward. Every step I took, I learned.

I am still pursuing my dream. It is not too farfetched when I already know what my purpose is.

My purpose is to share my knowledge, educate, and live my life meaningfully. That is where I embark on my journey.


Certification and Training certified by American Board of Neuro-Liguistic Program (ABN)

Certified Success Coach by Michael Bolduc
Science of Achievement by Michael Bolduc
NLP Practitioner by Michael Bolduc
Master NLP by Michael Bolduc
Breakthrough to Success by Jack Canfield

Certification and Training certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Professional Coaching Certification Program
Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)
Points-of-You Practitioner
♤ Points-of-You Expert Facilitator
Brain-based Coaching by Dr. Montri (Neurologist, MD)
Search Inside Yourself by Google
ACC Mentoring Progam
Gamification Coaching
The Coaching Game Train the Trainer
Hello Flow Certified Facilitator by Points-of-You

Bangkok, Thailand & Arizona, USA

Other Personal Development Training

Mastery of Self Expression by Larry Gilman
Super Brain by Jim Kwik
The 7 Habits of the Most Successful People
Design Thinking by Stamford University
Wealth Dynamics by Roger James Hamilton
♤ Abyss Creative Workshop by Larry Gilman
♤ Outward Mindset by Arbinger Institute
♤ Growth Mindset
♡ Silva Ultramind by Dr. Mel Gill
♡ Passion Test by Janet Attwood
♡ Self Love by Janet Attwood
♡ Virginia Satir Level 1 & 2
♢ Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker
♢ Money EQ by Ken Honda
♢ The Transformation Game
♧ Enneagram
♧ Certified Career Compass Coach by Life Architecture

Spiritual & Energy Healing

The 3rd Eye Transformation by Victor Singh
The Beautiful State by Michael Bolduc
Reiki Practitioner by DNA Bliss
Meditation Teacher by Monk Viriyoung
Aroma Freedom Technique by Dr. Benjamin Perkus
Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith
Food Therapy & Energy Adjustment
Tibetan Singing Bowl

“Annie is very intuitive, natural and creative. She manages to make me see the best in me and the possibilities I have while I was focusing on the challenges and my past unsatisfaction.”

Phatcharanat Chan-Urai

“Annie helped me see another side of a coin when I was very upset with a colleague. She listenend till I had no more to share. Then she asked me some questions that hit me. I had a chance to see the situation from a new perspective and suddenly I came to understand the situation and my colleague better. It helped me with my relationship with that colleague later too. It is like wearing a new pair of glasses. I look at that colleague under a new light which allows me to see more profoundly. It was fantastic.”

Yukolwadee Wattanapruk

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