Create Business On Your Ikigai

Ikigai in Japanese means ‘Valuable Life.’ In another meaning, Ikigai signifies living your daily life with simple happiness. Hence, it is a life philosophy lived by people in Okinawa, recorded as one of the most long-lived people in the world. Some studies revealed that knowing and living their Ikigai had been the key to their longevity. In a Western term, Ikigai may imply ‘A Mean To Live According To Your Sense Of Purpose.’
To live your Ikigai, first, you need to know what your Ikigai is. Then, what career or business corresponds to your Ikigai?
After that, you want to think about how to create that business and make it sustainable. Hence, you can live your Ikigai and deliver some value to the people you care about and your community.
Explore these workshops designed to help you live your life purpose and create a business based on your Ikigai.
Annie Shanya Srithanyarat
Find Your Ikigai
Find Your Ikigai

Find Your Ikigai

‘Find Your Ikigai’ is a two days workshop that will help you explore your inner self and discover what matters to you about your career choice. The workshop is guaranteed to help you have at least some basic understanding of what you want to do for a living. It also helps you find a career corresponding to your passion, skills, values, and concerns while matching with the market demand.

Ikigai Design Thinking
Design Your Business Based On Your Ikigai

Design Your Business

A series of 5 one-day workshops that helps you create your business or product idea from scratch. Even if you are not interested in building your business but more interested in being a corporate executive, this workshop can help you too. After all, it helps you design your image based on your skills, passion, values, and concerns to land the career of your dream.

Business Model Canvas
Creating Business Model Based On Your Ikigai

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is an intensive two-day workshop to help you see your business or yourself in every aspect. In the workshop, you will see from every angle how to create a successful strategy for your business through the canvas. What do you need and where you can develop are in plain sight on the canvas. Thus, you can plan your business more effectively. Markedly, you can use the canvas to draw a model for yourself and your team too.

Personal Brand Design
Creating Your Personal Brand Based On Your Ikigai

Personal Brand Design

Personal Branding is a must-have knowledge to stand out in the tough competition. Whether using yourself as a product or creating your business, knowing how to build your brand is the key to success. This series of 6 one-day workshops will guide you through the process of brand creation. You will discover your brand identity, understand your core values, and know your audience to design the image and communication corresponding to your target.

Brand Communication Design Based On Your Ikigai

Brand Communication Design

Brand & Stories Design

Brand & Stories Design

Simple happiness in your daily life starts with living your Ikigai

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Annie Shanya Srithanyarat

Annie has been in marketing and brand communication, working for multinational companies both locally and overseas for over two decades. Her expertise in business planning, marketing strategies, new product development ideas, communication campaign, and people management has contributed to her success both professionally and personally. She is versatile, resourceful, creative, and a fast learner. Her experience, skills, and strategic thinking will help you find the business of your Ikigai and create a successful business based on your Ikigai. Annie is an inspirational leader. Her Top 5 Strengths according to Gallup’s Strength Finder include:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Ideation
  • Activation
  • Individualization
  • Achiever

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The Best Ikigai Workshop”

Been doing the “Finding Ikigai ” workshops many times. Nothing was as real and profound as the one facilitated by Annie.

Rassameechandra Hemabutri

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Concrete & Clear”

Personal brand design has never been this comprehensive, clear, and easy before. Thanks, Annie San for this great creative workshop.

Morita Yukiko

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“A Life Saver”

I didn’t know how to improve my business. Loving what you do isn’t enough. This Business Model Canvas helped me see my business operation in plain sight. I have the clarity and gain strategy to make it work. Thanks, Annie.

Joycelin Muller

Mindfulness & Self-Exploratory Workshops