My Tools Kit

Aroma Freedom Technique

Dr. Perkus & Young Living

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) uses organic essential oil mix with some psychological processes to abruptly help change the negative emotion to a positive one. The proper process can change the mind from an impossible state to a possible state of mind. AFT can clear the emotion block within a few minutes with exclusive oil selection and specific processes.

Photo Therapy & Story Telling Using Points-of-You & Oracle Cards

Points-of-You cards are excellent tools not only for phototherapy but also for encouraging the use of the prefrontal cortex on both sides of the brain. As a result, it is ideal for brain-based coaching, allowing clients to work between the imaginative mind and the logical mind.

Photos also work well with a coaching style called ‘Story Telling.’ In my practice, I use all five sets of Points-of-You tools and a few ‘Oracle’ desks to help my clients explore the possibility and see their situation in a more positive light leading to a solution.

The Coaching Game Points of You
Points-of-You The Coaching Game
Points-of-You Punctum
Points-of-You Faces

Points-of-You Expand (Small Starter Kit)
Points-of-You FLOW
Content Coaching | Story Telling using Oracle Cards

Other Tools

Boardgame & Kit

Some coaching boardgame and value finding tools kits are used to make the coaching session more enjoyable. It is optional to use these tools kits, and they are primarily incredible for group or team coaching.

Career Compass Tools Kit
The Coaching Game: A board game for coaching
Chakra & Energy Healing through Reiki
Chakra & Energy Healing through sound therapy

Chakra & Energy Helaing

A spiritual approach to coaching and healing. Apart from mindfulness coaching and guided meditation, I also apply Reiki, Chakra cleansing, and sound healing in my practice for people who are open to this alternative healing. It is fabulous to clear past trauma and old patterns and gradually improve your energy for the better.