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All the online courses are designed to help you achieve the life you want, the life you deserve. However, you first need to overcome a negative mindset, sense of self-worth, past trauma, and self-doubt to manifest your dream. You also need to clarify your purpose, who you want to become, what value you hold, and what legacy you want to leave behind for this world.

Live Your Ikigai: Finding Your Sense of Purpose

A series of mini-workshops to help you dive deep into yourself, looking for your strengths, passion, values, and purpose.

Plus some tips and clues to help you live your life meaningfully with a sense of purpose. In another word, how to live your Ikigai.

Live your Ikigai, find your sense of purpose

Manifestation Secrets:

Unlock the Flow of Abundance

Discover what your blocks are that obstruct your flow of abundance. Learn these little secrets to manifestation.

Understand how to work with the law of attraction and make the law of attraction work in your favor.

Manifestation Secrets: Unlock your flow of abundance

Money, my new bestie! Rewire Your Money EQ

A series of mini-lessons to help you view money from a new perspective. Discovery your money wound so you can heal them. Then, find your way to make a new healthy relationship with your money and make money your new best pal.

Plus, a series of mini-workshops and guided meditation to help you heal your money wound, have compassion for your past to let go, and build yourself anew based on the new money mindset.

Live your Ikigai, find your sense of purpose

Chakra Healing:

Clearing Blocks & Developing Relationship

Learn your seven chakras and how they function around energy in each part of your body, each area of your life. Discover what belief, trauma, negative energy you stored in those chakras that affect your relationship with yourself and others.

Plus, a mini-series of self-help Chakra Healing that involves body, mind, spirit to renew your energy from within. You will find yourself more in-tune with yourself and the positive energy around you. This will help you vibrate at a higher frequency. It is a change process from within.

Chakra Healing: Clearing blocks & developing a healthy relationship

Visualisation Technique: Visualise your future

For people who do not know how to visualize or have challenges visualizing, this mini-lesson series will walk you through some techniques to aid your visualization to succeed.

Plus, a series of guided meditation to help you visualize your future, your dream in many aspects of your life.

Visualisation Technique: Visualise your future

Write Your Life: Be the creator of your life

Wanna be an author of your own life? Here is the chance for you to write your life story the way you want it to be. The mini-lessons series will walk you through what to avoid and be aware of when writing your life, your dream, and your future.

Plus, some series of mini-workshop and guided meditation to free your mind, open up to your intuition and higher self to write your authentic dream and manifest it into reality.

Write Your Life: Be the creator of your life

Live Virtual Workshop

A Journey Into Your Mind

Let’s perform inner research on ourselves. First, see what patterns we have lived by and used when taking any steps in life. Then, explore the ways to clear the negative patterns and reinvent a positive one to transform us from mediocre to greatness or our full potential. So we can live our dream, our Ikigai, and serve our purpose and the meaning of life.

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About ANNIEmalista

I have a dream. I didn’t know I could pursue it. I lived my life not knowing I didn’t take control of it. Then, one day, I realized I wanted it differently. So I tried and I failed so many times. However, I didn’t give up as I made sure every time I failed forward. Every step I took, I learned. I am still pursuing my dream. It is not too farfetched when I already know what my purpose is. My purpose is to share my knowledge, educate, and live my life meaningfully. That is where I embark on my journey.

About ANNIEmalista


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