How can we sail through some difficult times?

Sailing through some difficult times.

How can we sail through some difficult time? Sailing through a tough time. Sailing through some difficult times.
A proactive and realistic approach to deal with tough times.

How can we sail through some difficult times?

The world after pandemic surely put most of the world population in the most difficult time in life.

As one can see, many of us were forced to minimize the physical connection, and we were obliged to familiarize ourselves with digital interaction. Apparently, the new lifestyle has replaced the way of life that has been preserved for centuries for some people.

Currently, how people run their business is different. Many people were left unable to catch up with the new communication trend.

Even though some people can catch up, it is not easy for the old generation to convince the new generation employers their expertise has not been outdated. The whole digitalization thing could be the doom to generation X per se.

How can we deal with it? How can we sail through this difficult time?

First step:

First of all, we need to let go of our past success. Many of us are stuck doing nothing as we hold on to the past glory. I have done that before or I know this already. Blah, blah, blah.

Actually, all the knows may need to be put aside in a cupboard. They will be useful later when we don’t attach so hard to them that they become a part of our ego.

Now it is time to embark on a journey to the unknown. It’s imperative for us to be comfortable being a novice to learn new things. We may need to realize that how we have done things in the past might or might not help us with how we need to get things done at present.

So keep our minds open and learn.

Second Step:

The second important step is to start anew and be hungry for knowledge. To do that, one needs to act like a child and engage in the new methods of doing things digitally.

However, don’t lose ourselves in social media that waste our precious time.

On the other hand, we need to let ourselves dive into the digital world. Look at how things are connected. See what we can do with that to best benefit our business ideas or help us land the desired job offer.

Third Step:

The third step is to stay positive. Sometimes, we might feel discouraged seeing how the world has changed and has appeared with no boundary. Now, we can find many new platforms that anyone can jump in and become an overnight success.

In the past, we all know that becoming successful was quite difficult. Anyway, isn’t it good news? If so, please celebrate that. Anyone can be successful if they try hard enough in this digital era. And that includes us.

So, be positive and be grateful for the various opportunities present in the digital world.

Fourth Step:

The fourth step is to take action. After letting go of our ego, we now can open our minds to learn new things as a novice. Keep our positivity on to see the many opportunities out there. Then, we need to take action. Don’t let fear interfere with our goal. Fear of rejection is present to most people; however, don’t let it overcome our zeal to make your place in the digital era. Deal with the fear. And take action.

Fifth Step:

The fifth step is to let go of expectations. The expectation comes with the attachment to the result you wish. It relates directly to your ego. Unknowingly, we always attach our self-worthiness and pride to how people see us. And when we do not receive the response we expect, we feel lost and despair. Even though some people can get up and move on, some can’t. So let go of our expectations and lose our attachment to the desired result. Know that we have done our best now. And let the result take care of itself.

Sixth Step:

The sixth step is to be persistent and determined. Once we let go of our expectations, we can keep moving forward. Keep seeding and cultivating in any soil. The key to success in the digital world is planting enough seeds and creating enough connections. It is about connecting to various webs and platforms to be the most available source to the desired audience. Once we cultivate enough, our land will yield the crop we want. So, it is harvest time. And if we plan a good strategy and manage our land well, we might be able to expect a passive income from our persistent effort.

“Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, But They Were Laying Bricks Every Hour” is an old saying that never expires.

John heywood

Dare to Dream? Then, pursue it despite any difficulties

It is a long way to go, and a hard earn effort. But isn’t it worth it?

So just do it. You can earn nothing by being afraid, complaining about your life, or begging for some divine power to help you. However, you can start to help yourself now by embarking on the journey to live your dream.

All it takes is taking the first step and staying on it no matter what. Remember! Do your best today. Tomorrow is the outcome of our present effort. And what we have done today will become the history we may or may not want to remember. It all happens today.

Need help?

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