What Is Your First Memory?

How does your first memory influence you as a person? What is your first memory, and how does it affect your present? Talking about memory, do you know how much effect it has on you? It is more important than we realize how important our first memory is. Some memory is not at the cognitiveContinue reading “What Is Your First Memory?”

The Peril Of Impression

What impression do you leave in your subconscious mind, and how does your mind interpret it? We heard the saying: “first impression lasts forever.” It tells us how important first impression is. So, in our right mind, we naturally try to make the best first impression. However, little that we know, no matter how goodContinue reading “The Peril Of Impression”

The 10 Psychological Yearnings and What Are Yours?

Why are we talking about yearnings? I have talked about fears that hold us back in life. In this article, I will explore one of the main factors triggering those fears. As mentioned, fears arise when our brain interprets some event or someone as a threat. So, what are those threats for exactly? We feelContinue reading “The 10 Psychological Yearnings and What Are Yours?”

What Fears Are Holding Me Back?

Want to know your fears and fix them? What fears are holding back your life? Fears stop us from doing the necessary things to accomplish our goals. Many people choose not to do something out of fear without being aware of it. Recognizing our fear is the first step to understanding what is holding usContinue reading “What Fears Are Holding Me Back?”

How can we sail through some difficult times?

Sailing through some difficult times. How can we sail through some difficult times? The world after pandemic surely put most of the world population in the most difficult time in life. As one can see, many of us were forced to minimize the physical connection, and we were obliged to familiarize ourselves with digital interaction.Continue reading “How can we sail through some difficult times?”

Fear of Rejection

Haven’t we all been there? Fear of rejection. We are frightened to ask for something especially when it involves pride. Fear of rejection happens to most people all the time. Who wouldn’t be intimidated or at least discouraged when receiving a ‘no’ as a response? Somehow receiving too many refusals leads to a trauma thatContinue reading “Fear of Rejection”