What Is Your First Memory?

How does your first memory influence you as a person?

What is your first memory? And how does your first memory influence you as a person? How can you change your perspective toward your first memory to influence your positive present?

What is your first memory, and how does it affect your present?

Talking about memory, do you know how much effect it has on you? It is more important than we realize how important our first memory is. Some memory is not at the cognitive level; however, our subconscious minds can recognize them. That is how those memories affect us at later stages of life, and we are unaware of them.

Mostly, the painful memory lingers and always comes back to haunt us. It manifests in the form of a disproportionate recurrent reaction. This response arises from wounds. Our mind remembers the event, good or bad. We tend to remember the negative one better. And when we face the same or similar event, we go to the default mode to survive. So, it is either flight, fight, or freeze.

People whose default mode is freeze will play dead. They become numb to the situation. They seem indifferent and non-existent. That’s how they survive the event that reminds them of their wounds or something they don’t want to acknowledge.

Some people whose default mode is the flight will try to get away. They either hide themselves and their feeling or succumb to the situation or people reminding them of their wounds. The reaction is implosive inside themselves.

Lastly, people whose default mode is the fight will demonstrate strong, disproportionate recurrent reactions like anger. Their response is explosive whenever they come across any situation, reminding them of their wounds.

So, what do they have to do with the first memory? The disproportionate reactive response remains even if you had the most pleasant first memory. However, the pleasant first memory may be your life saver, saving you from drowning in painful experiences and negativities.

A pleasant memory gives you hope. It is the lighthouse when you wander in the sea of life and challenges.

How about people whose first memory was unpleasant? Well, you can always change it by changing your perspective. There is more than one side to every story. Even the worst experience gives you something, for example, a life lesson. Some challenges help you grow. Some are the test of your stamina and resistance against negativity. Can you stay true to your true, virtuous self going through difficulties and the horrible environment life has thrown you?

It is the question of how positive and strong you are. Once you change your perspective, your mindset changes. And consequently, your life changes, too.

So, what is your first memory? And how do you want to look at it to support your growth journey to become authentic and your best?

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