What Is Your First Memory?

How does your first memory influence you as a person? What is your first memory, and how does it affect your present? Talking about memory, do you know how much effect it has on you? It is more important than we realize how important our first memory is. Some memory is not at the cognitiveContinue reading “What Is Your First Memory?”

Assertiveness VS Consideration

Assertiveness VS Consideration I don’t know whether this is a challenge for anyone but me. There’s a fine line between being assertive and being inconsiderate of others. That’s probably why some people have trouble asserting themselves, especially to people important to them. Well, I have hands-on experience with assertiveness VS consideration to share. Today IContinue reading “Assertiveness VS Consideration”

The Art Of Assertiveness

Assertiveness & How to Assert Yourself Authentically Talking about assertiveness, I come across many Asians having trouble with self-assertion. And we somehow feel abused by aggressive people who may have over-asserted themselves, resulting in intimidating others. Well, I don’t want to go about different races and cultures. Anyway, it is our culture to be humbleContinue reading “The Art Of Assertiveness”

Learning to Forgive, Let Go & Move On

Forgiveness: A Secret to Manifesting Your Dream The Power Of Forgive & Let Go Have you realized the power of forgiveness? I know when it the time for the holy season, people tend to think of forgiving each other. What they mostly forget is to forgive themselves. Worst of all, we tend to forget toContinue reading “Learning to Forgive, Let Go & Move On”

Why do we wait? The Benefits of Waiting

Can you wait? Waiting might sound reactive and inactive in many cultures, particularly modern societies. We now live in the digital era where we can find everything in one click. And we hear many gurus tell us to hurry, grasp our chance, and beat it to our goals. Are we listening to our voice orContinue reading “Why do we wait? The Benefits of Waiting”

Why Do We Yell?

Why do we aggressively show temper? Have you met someone who always tells people off when things don’t go as expected? How about you? Have you ever yelled or thrown your weight around trying to get what you want? Well, I believe we have all been there at some point in our lives, especially inContinue reading “Why Do We Yell?”

Who Are We Judging?

A judge or Judged? Have you ever felt judged after sharing your life experience? Have you deemed a failure when you did something that didn’t turn out well? And have you ever disliked someone when you disagreed with what they did? Well, the truth is we always judge someone, some situation, and even ourselves allContinue reading “Who Are We Judging?”

How To Let Go Of Your Past Trauma

The Buddhist Way Of Letting Go Of Your Past Trauma Wounds & Emotional Trauma We all have wounds growing up into adulthood. Those wounds might be big or small, depending on how we give meaning to them. Some people experienced trauma since childhood and couldn’t let go. They do not realize the trauma they buryContinue reading “How To Let Go Of Your Past Trauma”

Are we hiding behind reasons?

Are you hiding behind reason? Are you someone with logic and reason? Do you always have good excuses not to do something you need to do? Many people are unaware of their avoidance and hide behind their logic not to take the risk or leave their comfort zone. Are you one of these people? AreContinue reading “Are we hiding behind reasons?”

The Psychology Of Dislike

The psychology of dislike and how to deal with your prejudice Have you come across someone you don’t like just from the look of them for no reason? Have you talked to someone for a few moments and started despising them? Or have you met someone offensive and got on your nerve in a flash?Continue reading “The Psychology Of Dislike”