Learning to Forgive, Let Go & Move On

Forgiveness: A Secret to Manifesting Your Dream

Forgive, let go & Move on to manifest your dream
Forgiveness is the secret to manifesting your dream

The Power Of Forgive & Let Go

Have you realized the power of forgiveness? I know when it the time for the holy season, people tend to think of forgiving each other. What they mostly forget is to forgive themselves. Worst of all, we tend to forget to let go and move on too.

Forgiveness: the secret to manifesting your dream

I have some discoveries to share about manifesting your dream. I have struggled over the past few years, as many others have. I thought it was because of the pandemic and the global situation. After the pandemic, I felt I might be too old to re-enter the job market where everyone is looking to hire the new generation.

What or who didn’t I forgive?

Right before the pandemic, I left my full-time executive job to do something of my own. Things didn’t go as beautifully as I had planned. The pandemic and the global economy crushed my dream of being an entrepreneur. So, I accepted some invitations to job interviews through some headhunters. I thought I would nail some jobs in no time. However, I didn’t. For the first time, I felt unsure about myself. I was afraid I might become obsolete. But I know I’m not.

The inner resistance

The problem is: I didn’t let go. I left my latest job because I wasn’t happy with the nature of business. And at the interview, my negative feeling towards that business came back like a flashback. It made me feel uneasy and reluctant to express my eagerness to get the job. Because it meant I would have to go back to do the thing I didn’t like.

However, headhunters tended to pay attention to me because of my experience in that industry. I was sure I could hide my feeling. It turned out I couldn’t. So, no wonder why I didn’t get the job.

And these experiences led me down the road of self-criticism. I kept thinking about how I had done wrong or how I should have done better. It’s full of what if and negativities I don’t need at that point.

The realization

After six months of daily meditation, I finally realized I had to let go. The guilt I carried on my shoulders sent the message to my subconscious mind that “I’m not worth it.” The reluctance to return to the latest industry I worked in meant “I don’t want it.” By not forgiving myself and letting go: I sent the message to my subconscious mind that I deserved this.

So, I stop. I recall my awareness whenever I am going into self-critic mode. Then, I forgive myself. I remind myself to forgive my past and move on whenever I feel anger in my stomach.

The magic of forgiveness & letting go

And you know what? Good things start to happen to my business. Some gigs, new opportunities, and clients keep knocking on my door. They are not yet a big break; however, at least it is something. I need some dynamic in my life to get into the flow.

So, if you find yourself in some hardship, you might want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I bearing a grudge against someone or some situation?
  • Have I overcome the disappointment I had with myself or my job?
  • Do I forgive myself for what I should have done better?

The key is to forgive, let go and move on with your life. That is the only way to make progress during hardship or difficult times.

I hope this content helps anyone in the same situation as me. And as the greeting season is near, I wish you all the best in the strength of your health, mind, and soul.

Cheers to all,

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