The Peril Of Impression

What impression do you leave in your subconscious mind, and how does your mind interpret it?

The Peril Of Impression by ANNIEmalista

We heard the saying: “first impression lasts forever.” It tells us how important first impression is. So, in our right mind, we naturally try to make the best first impression. However, little that we know, no matter how good the first impression is, the bad one always overwrites the good one. This observation is especially valid regarding our encounters with someone or something we don’t interact with often.

I have recent experience with a food delivery mobile application. My first and second times with them were impressive. The two restaurants I picked from this app delivered more than I had expected. I was so impressed by the first restaurant I ordered again from a different restaurant. And it didn’t disappoint me at all.

That led to the third time. And here comes the shitty impression. It might be that I had raised my expectation so high I got so disappointed when the restaurant I picked differently at this time turned out pretty awful. A negative thought arose: “I will never order through this application again.” If I weren’t aware of my negative message to my subconscious mind, I would end up deleting this application right away.

Fortunately, I realized I had let the negative impression sink in and judged everything based on generalization. One unpleasant experience out of three could make me assume the application was unreliable. I then think about how this generalization and assumption become my habit. How often did I subconsciously close the doors to any possible opportunities only because I was too afraid to be disappointed?

I realized that most of us are quick to assume based on generalization. I judge something based on some random experience about something similar. That’s how our brains work. But it is not always correct. It is why most of us give up on something or someone because we presume it may turn out disappointing. We never really give it a try.

So, we need to practice awareness, understanding, and let go. With awareness, we acknowledge our feelings toward someone, something, or some experiences. Then we let go. Live today with neither bias from the past nor presumption of the future.

Thus, we can be happy, positive, and open. We know that every day is a new beginning and a new opportunity. We should live our present without bias. And it is how we attract good energy to our lives while keeping ourselves open to new opportunities. We still find life challenges, but we will regard them as the learnings through which we thrive.

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