Fear of Rejection

Haven’t we all been there? Fear of rejection.

We are frightened to ask for something especially when it involves pride. Fear of rejection happens to most people all the time.

Who wouldn’t be intimidated or at least discouraged when receiving a ‘no’ as a response? Somehow receiving too many refusals leads to a trauma that shies the person away from ever trying or asking again.

That leads to dissatisfaction and unfulfillment of the person’s dream or desire. It all begins with the fear of rejection.

Now, does that sound familiar? And how do we cope with this fear of rejection?

Of course, we all have the dream we want to manifest. However, there are always the little things that obstruct us from accomplishing our goals.

Working our way to our goal involves a lot of working with people and communication. How can we do it when we have the fear of rejection? At this point, some people just quit or go the easy way to avoid confrontation. Going sideways usually yields no positive result, or it may take too long to accomplish. However, a lot of us feel better not having to face the chance of rejection.

How about we tackle the issue in the face? How about we start with our mindset?

I have found out that rejection has been severe only in our minds. It holds no substantial meaning to the person who declares the rejection. People say no just because it is not the time for them. Or they might decline your offer because they do not see the value of it. Or they might have their issues. Or they might not be mature enough to act otherwise. It is always about them, not about you.

They refuse because of how they perceive things in consideration of their needs and resources. It is not personal, and it is not about you. It is best to move on with your purpose.

“Take the rejection as a feedback and you will grow”

So whether or not you try yields a different outcome. You have a chance of getting a ‘yes’ when you try. With no attempt at all, you may get away from getting a ‘no,’ still, nothing happens. By not asking when necessary with the fear of rejection, you have proved one thing to the universe. You have already judged that you are not worthy of what you want. That is how others see you.

When you decide not to ask for something important or take necessary action when needed due to the fear of rejection, the first person who says ‘no’ to you is you. When you are not confident you deserve a ‘yes’, who would?

It takes a change of perception to overcome the fear of rejection.

Never judge yourself by presuming a ‘no’ beforehand. Go for what you want and all you need to do with all your might. Have no attachment to the outcome. You have done your part. Leave the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the other party to decide.

As mentioned, the response is not about you. It is about the state of mind, context, and situation of the other person at the time.

Let go of the consequence and focus on the action or the cause. It is like planting a mango tree. You cultivate the seed, then nourish it regularly with water, fertilizer, and sunlight. It will bear you mango fruit someday.

It is the seeds and the nurturing that counts. The deed you do will yield the result you need eventually.


Go for it! Life is too short to worry about how people feel about you. They regard you no more with you achieving nothing. However, people salute you for your success and your determination. When you respect your dream and believe in yourself, others will eventually do you too. Have a great fight for your goal, and drop the drama on the ‘no’ you might encounter along the way. Your purpose should be larger than your ego.

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