Recognizing Fear & Dealing with Fear

Recognizing Fear & Dealing with Fear is the way to grow and develop oneself.
Recognizing Fear & Dealing with Fear

Recognizing Fear

I asked myself this morning, “how do I feel?” Fear came up.

It was a deep worry in my gut. So I closed my eyes and let the sensation come to acknowledge it completely. Then I felt the soft vibration of fear down my spine and welling up in my heart.

I realized I was afraid. I was worried about the uncertainty and the fact that my future holds no positive prospects for me at all. It was a deep worry down my gut. I sensed the terror in my core and accessed it with an open mind. The sense of uncertainty shook my being, ruining my self-image of an intelligent, successful, and creative individual.

I was scared of being a good-for-nothing.

The truth came up when i allowed it

Who am I?

Deep down, I know I am capable of many achievements. Unfortunately, I cannot prove it yet. The intense vibration of fright that I might lose my self-perception ran down my spine. And I was terrified.

A Visual Tools

I went to my Points Of You’s The Coaching Game cards. I picked one card out at random. The Journey card turned up. What stroke me first was the visual. A pair of old, veteran hands. There were two rings decorating the right hand, one on the index finger and the other one on the ring finger. The thumb and the index finger of the left hand were touching the big ring on the index finger of the right hand. It looked as though the wearer was considering taking off that ring.

What did this picture tell me? What did the word “journey” mean to me?

Asking myself the questions after seeing the card.

The card silenced my busy mind for a big moment. It took me to a deep, concentrated thought instead.


It takes a journey to travel from where one is to where one wants to be. I might encounter different experiences along the way, pleasant and unpleasant. And any encounter, happy or unhappy, is bound to end. Nothing lasts forever. That’s the fact. So it is no point in holding on to things impermanent. What I can take from the experiences is the learning. If I looked into the past encounter, I might unknowingly pick the negative one from my false judgment of the situation. But if I focus on the learning, I can grow from it.

Further Discovery

And when I noticed how the wearer was thinking of removing the ring from the index finger. It seemed the person was considering losing one’s self-image, past recognition, and becoming a novice again. It occurred to me that I may need to let go of some of my old achievements to embark on a new journey.

What Are The Key Takeaways?

The real questions today are such:

  1. What can I control, and what can’t I?
  2. What can I do to improve the situation?
  3. What can I do today to make things happen for me soon?
  4. What did I learn from my past challenges?
  5. How do I want to grow from here?

“This too shall pass.” is an old saying that never dies. We all have today as our present. We can act on something today to create the desired outcome for tomorrow, which might become a great memory in our future past.

***The projective technique is a psychological method to help explore our deep worries, inner fear, unsettling concerns from the past as well as trauma. Using this projective technique together with Points Of You photo cards can help you explore new insights and move from the state of impossible to possible.

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