The Psychology Of Dislike

The Psychology Of Dislike.
The Psychology Of Dislike

The psychology of dislike and how to deal with your prejudice

Have you come across someone you don’t like just from the look of them for no reason? Have you talked to someone for a few moments and started despising them? Or have you met someone offensive and got on your nerve in a flash?

Well, I guess we all have had those experiences at least once in a lifetime. It is not grave when the person does not influence your life. However, it would be a problem when the person is in your close circle, for example, your boss, in-law, your friend’s spouse, or your potential client.

So how do we deal with our judgment? How do we adjust our attitude?

First, let’s find out why we feel antagonistic toward someone for no reason. According to the book ‘Dark Side Of The Light Chaser’ by Debbie Ford, we recognize the quality we dislike in another person through the distasteful quality within ourselves. However, we do not want to accept it at the conscious level.

The tricky part is the type of person we despise, and we unknowingly share the same quality, will keep coming back to our life till we find a way to make peace with that distasteful quality in ourselves.

So how do you feel when you realize that the thing you hate the most in other people is also present in you?

Some people who are honest and open to assessing their feeling might be more empathetic and less judgmental. What happens immediately is freedom. You will feel free the minute you let go of the judgment, the dislike, and the negativity against the other person.

Remember that we all have our dark side that we do not want others to see. However, if we intend to develop ourselves and become better people, we must acknowledge our dark side too.

Once you acknowledge and embrace your dark side, you know how to handle all the qualities you don’t like in yourselves. You will also be more open-minded and less judgmental. You have the freedom to make friends and embrace a different experience with less prejudice.

The best part is you will be free from the people you dislike. You will notice that the same type of people you dislike don’t keep coming back to you and disturb your peace of mind anymore. Or even if they do, they don’t bother you anyway. That is because you have already made peace with yourself. Congratulation!

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