How are you brave?

Brevity & how are you brave? by anniemalista
What is brevity?

Brevity & How are you brave?

Talking about brevity, all the stories about brave heroes and heroines in history just flashed into my head. Although those historical events exhibited various types of heroic courage, most people recognized only the courage to fight the fear of external threats.

Brevity to Fight the External or Internal Threats?

Well, being brave enough to fight external fear is admirable. It requires strength to fight one’s internal fear on many psychological levels. However, we don’t naturally realize the gravity of our focus on the action. Is it for survival or domination? Is the purpose of becoming a better person or a more authoritative person? That is the tricky business of brevity.

The Mindfulness Approach to Brevity

If you understand the concept of mindfulness and peaceful living to achieve ultimate peace and bliss, you will apprehend what I am saying and how I define brevity.
True brevity is the courage to overcome our greed, fear, and anger. In short, it is the courage to comprehend and manage our negative emotions at the source.
It doesn’t matter if you are audacious and ready to fight any war as long as you can’t even fight your inner greed, wrath, and fear. The only result you get is the inflated ego that will eventually bring your misery.


An inflated ego comes with inflated expectations: the expectation about yourself and the people around you. And only crazy people are convinced they can control everything around them. And when they try, they become manipulative, dictating, and a maniac. What does it cost them? It costs them self-love and acceptance.

The lack of self-love & the agony

As it is natural that all beings hate pain and love pleasure. Causing pain of any kind on other beings will inflict pain on the perpetrators themselves on a subconscious level. The satisfaction of inflicting pain on others comes from the need to project and release the pain in themselves. Unfortunately, it is not the right and harmonious way to deal with inner pain.

The Mindfulness Approach

Acknowledging your pain, understanding how it is, and letting go is the only way to set free from the hurt emotion.
And that requires not only courage but also wisdom.

Working on oneself first

So, when it comes to brevity, how brave am I?
If it is about fighting my greed, fear, and anger, I might be a coward on many levels and in many situations. I sometimes lied to get away with awkwardness or to get what I wanted. I went mad when things didn’t go the way I expected.

How am I brave?

Do those events happen all the time? No. I can overcome greed, fear, and anger without causing harm, pain, or disappointment to people around me. Those are the moments of my brevity.
It is about the courage to fight my evil, brave enough to admit my flaws, strong enough to amend my action, and determined enough to move on with my life with better alignment with the virtues I hold.

And that is how I am brave. How about you?
Share your moment of brevity in the comment box below. Explore the 10 most common psychological yearnings that trigger fear, greed, and anger and leave me your thoughts.

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