How are you brave?

Brevity & How are you brave? Talking about brevity, all the stories about brave heroes and heroines in history just flashed into my head. Although those historical events exhibited various types of heroic courage, most people recognized only the courage to fight the fear of external threats. Brevity to Fight the External or Internal Threats?Continue reading “How are you brave?”

Who Are We Judging?

A judge or Judged? Have you ever felt judged after sharing your life experience? Have you deemed a failure when you did something that didn’t turn out well? And have you ever disliked someone when you disagreed with what they did? Well, the truth is we always judge someone, some situation, and even ourselves allContinue reading “Who Are We Judging?”

The Dark Side Of Kindness

When angels turned demons What is Kindness? Before I elaborate on this topic, I would like to define kindness and the difference between kindness and compassion first. Compassion is outward and inward, and it is not necessarily action-oriented. It is more feeling-oriented. Kindness, however, is a behavioral action that others can see. It is aContinue reading “The Dark Side Of Kindness”

Is your motif philanthropic or egocentric?

Question your motif! Is it philanthropic or egocentric? Question your motif: is it philanthropic or egocentric? Tonight I couldn’t sleep. My heart filled with guilt and shame. After a heated exchange of opinions in a meeting, I felt shameful about my behavior. At first, it was about righteousness. But when my anger faded, I realizedContinue reading Is your motif philanthropic or egocentric?

Why do we need to practice self-love?

What are the benefits of self-love? In the previous article, I talked about the agony of not loving oneself. In this article, I will explore the benefits of self-loving. Self-love gives you inner peace & independence Loving yourself means accepting yourself as you are. So it helps you to live peacefully with yourself. You canContinue reading “Why do we need to practice self-love?”

Self-love & The Agony Of Not Loving Yourself

What is it about self-love or the agony of not loving yourself? You may wonder why these two are relevant. Well, let me show you some examples. Diana stuffs herself whenever she feels lonely, worthless, and unhappy. Tim drinks himself to unconsciousness every time he deeply feels disappointed in himself. Some gurus said they haveContinue reading “Self-love & The Agony Of Not Loving Yourself”