Why do we need to practice self-love?

Why do we need to practice self-love

What are the benefits of self-love?

In the previous article, I talked about the agony of not loving oneself. In this article, I will explore the benefits of self-loving.

Self-love gives you inner peace & independence

Loving yourself means accepting yourself as you are. So it helps you to live peacefully with yourself. You can enjoy your quiet time alone. It does not mean you become anti-social. But it only allows you to be solitary from time to time without anxiety or craving for social interaction. You can stay home with a book, not a mobile phone. Or you might cook or bake something by yourself.

Being in solitude allows you time for self-reflection. You can reflect on your motifs and your actions. It’s a time for wisdom. You can learn about your passion and find your life purpose. When you love and accept yourself, you are free and relaxed. Gradually, you send out a warm and empathetic vibe: no pressure or expectation and no judgment. People love to hang around cool people. And you are one of them.

Self-love induces self-worth, confidence & humility

Loving yourself enables you to see your values and your worth. So you can consider how to put those values to good use to serve your life purpose. Acknowledging your strengths is crucial. You know how you can solve a problem using what you have. To develop from one point to another, one needs to use one’s strengths. Those strengths create confidence. It is genuine from the being, not the inflated ego. With confidence, they are less dependent, or they do not need to quit without trying.

Self-love develops EQ and builds a pleasant character

Loving yourself generates a sense of security, freedom, authority, and love. People with self-love mostly have high emotional qualities. They learn to say no in an empathetic and kind way and not feel bad. These people can stand up for their rights and views without being pressed. Self-loving people accept themselves no matter what, so they do not seek approval from others. They know how to handle the undesirable situation without breaking down or losing their cool. With self-love, they remain composed and deal with challenges with positivity and an open mind.

Self-love creates empathy, kindness, and harmony

Loving yourself opens your heart to love and receives love too. With self-love, kindness fills your heart. And that kindness will grow and expand to others around you. When you empathize with yourself, you can empathize with others too. The love for yourself and others will reflect on your facial expression, acts, tone of voice, words, and attitude. It will attract the same energy back to you. You will become positive instead of negative. And it allows you to see the good side of everything and the opportunities in every challenge. Creativity, empathy, understanding, and harmony will arise in your heart. And with self-love, you are content. You have fewer expectations for yourself and others too. And with less expectation, you become happy more easily.

Let’s practice self-love and enjoy the joy of loving ourselves wholeheartedly.

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